Its 4.01am on Dec 9th 2012. I got on the computer coz I couldn’t sleep.. Yesterday I made the biggest step (I believe) of ending my relationship with my partner of almost 2 years. Its a scary place to be, where I am right now (not physically, but mentally and emotionally). I have a daughter who is exactly 6 months old today, and to think that from now on its me and her… scares me… But I know it was the right thing to do. To end my relationship with her father. The relationship wasn’t healthy.. It was quite exhausting, to have to struggle every day coz we can’t get along.. Its as though we speak different languages, but we actually speak the same language… I think I should rest now.. Its really late. I’ve heard many people say that blogging helps them. I don’t know if anybody will read this, if anybody will respond.. If I’ll feel any better.. If some people will criticize me.. I’m not sure… But this is my first step. I need to air my thoughts and feelings. If I get support, it might really help the healing process. Ok, I’ll end here. If you’ve taken the time to read this, I appreciate it. One day I hope to say to my readers… I love u all 🙂 So I’ll pretend that I already have readers.. I love u all 🙂